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Electric Cars

Chippenham Motor Company are your electric and hybrid vehicle experts. We've put together a handy information hub for all things hybrid, electric, plug-in... you name it! Explore below to find out all you need to know about alternative fuel cars. You can see our range of vehicles we stock to how much money buying an electric car will save you.

As part of the Prime Minister's "green initiative", it has been announced that the production of electric and hybrid vehicles will be banned in 2030, encouraging drivers to move to electric vehicles. This may be unknown territory for some, so we aim to bring you all the information you need to know about electric vehicles, so you can be prepared for when the time comes.

We also like to update with all the latest news and updates regarding hybrid and electric vehicles. Stay in-the-know with your local car experts across Wiltshire. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to email us at, where a member of our team will happily help.

Hybrid and Electric Engines: what is the difference?

With 4 new electrified engines now available, it may seem like a whole new world deciding which powertrain will be right for your new car. Let's take a look at what si available in more detail.

Once you've decided on your engine, you can take a look at our electric and hybrid vehicles to choose the best model for you!

All Electric Vehicle

All-electric vehicles have no conventional engine and have no requirement for petrol or diesel - they run purely on electricity. Just charge it up, and go!

Hybrid Electric Vehicle

A hybrid vehicle has both a conventional engine and an electric motor. It seamlessly switches between the two, depending on speed, to provide a smart and economic drive.

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle

The engines in a Plug-in hybrid work the same as a hybrid, but require charging through the mains. This helps the electric battery hold more power and travel longer distances.

Mild Hybrid Vehicle

A Mild Hybrid vehicle has both a conventional engine and a battery driven electric motor. In a Mild Hybrid vehicle, the electric motor works with the conventional engine to assist it.

Electrified News

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